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Full web hosting services.

Vanity Domains and Virtual Domains.

With this feature, users are provided with any number of POP3 email addresses, and space on an Apache web server.

There are full cgi/server-side tools available, supporting PHP 4.3.0, postgreSQL 7.1.2, and PERL 5.6.1.

SSH (using SSH1 and SSH2 protocols), and SFTP (SSH2 only) access is provided to the server.

We also are able to register your domain for you, currently at $12 per name per year.
We can get .info, .biz, .net, .com, and .org domain names for just $12 a year why pay more?!?Note: Changing the registrant of the domain name after initial registration may be subject to administration charges. Moving the domain to subnigra after registration may also be subject to administrative charges. Prices subject to variation. Registering a domain indicates you have read and agree to adopt the Domain Dispute Policy document at ICANN.)

We use Apache as our web server, and are able to provide full site statistics and password protected areas.

subnigra now has a web based POP3 email client. Users with POP3 accounts hosted by subnigra, can read their mail from anywhere in the world.