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Acceptable Use Policy ( Log In )

This document outlines what subnigra Internet deems as acceptable use of the Services provided.

AUP Policy Document

By connecting to any machine owned by subnigra you agree to be bound by the following Acceptable Use Policy: Acceptable Use Policy (Version 0.85 - Last updated 24th July 2012 00:00:00)
  1. Scope. This Acceptable Use Policy (this "Policy") governs the usage of subnigra Internet's products and services (the "Services"). This Policy is incorporated by reference into each contract subnigra Internet enters into with a customer (each, a "Customer") for the use of such Services. subnigra Internet may modify this Policy at any time without notice.
  2. Purpose.The purpose of this Policy is to enhance the quality of the Services and to protect subnigra Internet's customers, and the Internet community as a whole, from illegal, irresponsible, or disruptive Internet activities. This Policy applies to each Customer and its employees, agents, contractors or other users of such Customer who obtain Services from subnigra Internet (each such person being a "User"). Each User should use common sense and good judgment in connection with the Services. Parents or guardians should always supervise minors in using the Internet. Parents and guardians should remain aware at all times of what is on the Internet and how the minors under their care are using the Services and the Internet.
  3. Prohibited Uses. Users may not:
    1. Utilise the Services to send mass unsolicited e-mail to third parties.
    2. Utilise the Services in connection with any illegal activity. Without limiting the general application of this rule, Users may not:
      1. Utilise the Services to copy material from third parties (including text, graphics, music, videos or other copyrightable material) without proper authorization;
      2. Utilise the Services to misappropriate or infringe the patents, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party;
      3. Utilise the Services to traffic in illegal drugs, illegal gambling, obscene materials or other any products or services that are prohibited under applicable law;
      4. Utilise the Services to export encryption software in violation of applicable export control laws; or
      5. Utilise the Services in any manner that violates applicable law.
    3. Utilise the Services in connection with any tortious or actionable activity. Without limiting the general application of this rule, Users may not:
      1. Utilise the Services to publish or disseminate information that (A) constitutes slander, libel or defamation, (B) publicizes the personal information or likeness of a person without that person