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Terms and Conditions ( Log In )

subnigra Internet

This document lays out the terms and conditions for purchasing any accounts with subnigra Internet

Applying for an account indicates that you head read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, as well as the Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Your agreement
    1. Agreement means your application details which you have provided to us when accepted, these terms and conditions and our current price list.
    2. We, us and our means "subnigra Internet."
    3. Service means: access to shell, access to website, access to email, domain admnisitration
    4. Minimum Term means a period of 12 months (or other duration agreed by us in writing)
    5. Charges means all charges associated with providing the service.
  2. Provision of services
    1. Use of any of our servers indicates you accept the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy
    2. The price list contains explanations and notes which also form part of this Agreement
    3. We will provide you with 1 month's notice about any changes to our standard Service charges.
    4. We shall do our best to provide the Service and any additional service requested by you (such as web log statistics) or if you instruct us to change your Service (ie add features) by any date we have agreed with you but our ability to do so may be affected by circumstances beyond our control.
    5. We may, using reasonable skill and care, excercise our discretion to refuse to provide any part of the Service to you. Service is not fault free and may be impaired by network failures or other circumstances beyond our control and you will be entitled to the quality of service generally provided by a competent Internet Hosting company
    6. We will allocate space on our server for your use. This space does not belong to you and can not be transfered without our express written consent.
    7. We can not be held responsible for any loss or corruption of data held on our systems unless caused by our negligence.
    8. We may have to temporarily suspend the service for operational reasons or for reasons of security.
  3. Charges
    1. Providing any additional services (such as Domain Registration) may incur additional costs which agree to pay as part of the Service. These fees are non refundable.
    2. Charges for 3rd party Services may be subject to extra administration fees, and are subject to variations in the exchange rate for the currency in which they are based.
    3. You agree to pay any charges due within 3 months (or any timescale agreed with us in writing) of receiving notification to pay.
  4. Length of Agreement
    1. This Agreement commences on the day we set up your account, or the day which we issue your first invoice, if later.
    2. At the end of any Minimum Term, this agreement will continue until it is terminated in accordance with paragraph 5.
  5. Ending the Agreement
    1. We can end the Service at any time if:
      • You fail to pay any Charges when they are due, or break the agreement in any other way.
      • We have reasonable cause to believe that the Service is being used in a way forbidden by our Acceptable Use Policy
    2. This Agreement may be ended by you giving us at least 30 days notice in writing.
    3. If this Agreement is ended within the Minimum Term, you must pay the subscription charges up to the end of the Minimum Term. This does not apply if you end the service for the following reasons
      • We break the Agreement and do not correct the situation within 14 days
      • We increase the Charges for the Service, providing you give us 30 days notice, and providing you notify us within 30 days of our telling you about the changes
      • We go in to liquidation or a receiver is appointed over our assets