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Talker Account ( Log In )

Administer your own chat room.

Talkers are an easy way to chat with people online.

Talkers or MUSH/MUD (Multi User Social Hole / Multi User Dungeon) were a stable of many people in the mid nineties through to the early 2000s

We have the most recent versions of the chat servers based on EW-too to work from.

Setup costs for a talker port are £10. For an extra £5 admin fee, you can get a vanity name, such as, or have your own virtual domain such as (Registration fees may also apply).

This feature allows you to have a talker with Intercom. The account may be used to run any of the EW-too based talkers, or NUTS or circlemud code.

See the Website Hosting for details of what web page support is included.